PROBLEM: albiet a small one, but if for example, your style of writing your functions isnt the same as the one generated by the sublime snippet ‘fun’ that generates the following:

function functionName (args) {

and you would prefer for ‘fun’ to generate:

function functionName(args)

Follow the steps below to change the default value of the ‘FUN’ snippet

(this is not specific to javascript or the ‘fun’ snippet, and can be done for every language)

1) Make sure you have sublime’s Package Control installed (cmd+shift+P), if you dont, check out the package control installation.

2) Once you have Package Control, your are going to open it inside of sublime using (cmd+shift+P).

3) Inside of Package Control search for PackageResourceViewer.

4) After PackageResourceViewer is installed, re-open the Package Control and type in prv, and it should highlight PackageResourceViewer.

5) Go ahead and select PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource.

6) You should now see a list of all the languages that sublime provides snippets for.

7) Find and select Javascript.

8) Now you should see a list of files that all have .sublime-snippet extensions.

9) Find and select the one named function-(fun).sublime-snippet.

10) Change the snippet output to your desire, save the file, and walaa! if you do not understand sublime-snippet syntax, check sublime snippet syntax out.